It is good to love this beautiful city
it is good to love the architecture of this beautiful city
it is good to come to the capital and pass along these bustling streets
in search of all that is valuable in life
in search of all gentle women
this row of cherries that line the street
are there not innumerable sparrows singing there, too?

Ah! the only one able to sleep in the nights of this big city
is the shadow of but one blue cat
the shadow of a cat that speaks of the history of a pathetic humanity
the blue shadow of the happiness we constantly seek.
Just when in search of all our shadows
we think we love this Tokyo even on a sleety day
huddling up against the wall of a back alley there
is that human-looking beggar — what do you suppose he dreams of?

– Sakutaro Hagiwara, “Blue Cat” (“Aoneko”) (1923) in Kevin Doak’s Dreams of Difference (Berkeley, CA: U of California Press, 1994), p. 38.